The Cozy Couple campaign, which promotes the finest natural cheeses and olive oils from Europe, is thrilled to announce its successful participation in the Wine & Gourmet Japan 2023 trade show. With more than 450 visitors attending the booth during the three-day exhibition, the event proved to be a fantastic opportunity to showcase Europe’s culinary treasures to the Japanese market with focus to Natural Cheeses and Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Protected Denominated Origins of Portugal.

Wine & Gourmet Japan is a premier industry event that attracts thousands of professionals from the food, wine, and hospitality sectors. The Cozy Couple campaign’s participation in the event highlights the growing international recognition and demand for European natural cheeses and olive oils.

Throughout the exhibition, visitors were invited to taste São Jorge Cheese PDO, Pico Cheese PDO, Azeite de Trás-Os-Montes PDO and Azeite do Alentejo Interior PDO, and educational flyers and booklets were distributed. The Cozy Couple campaign’s booth was a hub of activity, with visitors and professional operators eager to learn about the unique characteristics of these European products and the traditions and quality certification behind them.

The success of the Cozy Couple campaign at Wine & Gourmet Japan 2023 underlines the strong connection between European and Japanese culinary cultures, both of which value tradition, quality, and the pursuit of exceptional flavors. The Cozy Couple campaign will continue to bring the best of European olive oils and natural cheeses to tables across Japan and beyond, driven by the passion and support of industry professionals and food lovers everywhere.