The Portuguese Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCILJ) announced today that the campaign “The Cozy Couple”, currently underway, will be exhibited at the 2nd Good Foods Expo Osaka in Lifestyle week at INTEX Osaka from September 12, 2023. “The Cozy Couple”: Natural Cheese and Olive Oil from Europe is funded by the European Union. The campaign aims to promote the appreciation and consumption of natural cheese and olive oil in the Japan market. The exhibition will take place from September 27 to September 29, 2023, Hall 6.

The “Cozy Couple” campaign will have its official presence at booth K6 36. Visitors will get to explore a comprehensive range of Europe’s finest natural cheeses and olive oils that represent the very essence of their respective regions.

This campaign emphasizes the distinctive flavor combinations created when using these two products in their daily recipes, enriching the taste experience for Japanese food enthusiasts.

The Lifestyle Week’s 2nd Good Foods Expo Osaka presents a prime venue to highlight the “The Cozy Couple” campaign, drawing in numerous food industry experts and cooking affiliated people. This occasion is a perfect chance to introduce European natural cheese and olive oil to the Japanese audience, as the appetite for genuine, top-tier food items keeps expanding.

“We are thrilled to introduce European natural cheese and olive oil to the Japanese audience, and the Good Foods Expo Osaka during Lifestyle week is an ideal platform for this debut,” remarked a spokesperson from the CCILJ. “Our stand will offer sample tastings and informational discussions, ensuring a complete immersion into the essence of these two European essentials.”

The CCILJ cordially encourages everyone attending Lifestyle week to drop by booth K6-36 and immerse themselves in “The Cozy Couple.” Join us to explore deeper into the storied heritage, crafting methods, and distinct tastes of European natural cheese and olive oil.