The Portuguese Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCILJ) announced today that the campaign “The Cozy Couple”, currently underway, will be exhibited at the iconic 0101 Namba Marui Department Store, the Kansai area’s flagship shopping destination, from Wednesday, July 19th to Tuesday, July 25th, 2023. The event is situated on the B1 floor of the Namba Marui Department Store. Visitors can look forward to indulging in a remarkable gastronomic experience, tasting different flavors of natural cheese and extra virgin olive oil from Portugal and, celebrating the richness of European gastronomic heritage.

“The Cozy Couple”: Natural Cheese and Olive Oil from Europe is funded by the European Union. The campaign was created to promote the authentic and unique flavors of European food, particularly those hailing from Portugal to the Japanese market. We believe this event will offer a unique opportunity for the Japanese public to deepen their appreciation for the diversity of European food culture.

The event is expected to draw gourmet enthusiasts and inquisitive food lovers alike, who will have the chance to sample a wide array of high-quality cheeses and extra virgin olive oil, all PDO products (Protected Designation of Origin products) with recognized high quality.

Guests will also be treated to demonstrations and engaging educational activities that showcase the history, production process, and culinary applications of these staple Portuguese products. From expert-led tasting sessions to informative displays, “The Cozy Couple: Natural Cheese and Olive Oil from Europe” campaign promises to be a gastronomic journey that tantalizes the senses and enhances cultural understanding.

The CCILJ extends its warmest invitation to all to join this delightful journey of taste discovery, taking place from July 19th to July 25th at the Namba Marui Department Store’s B1 floor. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to savor the best of what Europe, and specifically Portugal, has to offer.